MaddiJaxx Cares


There are many organizations that provide bereavement support to families that have suffered such losses due to unknown or certain pregnancy complications. In showing our support towards these organizations so that they may carry out their goodwill, we are currently donating a percentage of each sale of MaddiJaxx Jewelry bracelets to these organizations helping those with loss.

When we experienced our pregnancy loss, the hospital still provided us with the swaddle, baby hat, booties, identification bracelet and pictures, all the items we would have had if we were taking our baby girl home.  As mentioned in our "About Us" page, there were many appropriate jewelry selections for women to show their expression and love for their loss but for men it was minimal. Therefore, in keeping with the purpose for establishing the company - providing a way for men to express their remembrance of their loss, MaddiJaxx Cares, is part of our "hospital reach out initiative", and has donated bracelets to Waterbury Hospital Family Birthing Center to provide in their "care" box.  If you would like to buy this simple remembrance bracelet for yourself or another, the full proceeds from the bracelet will go towards making more donation bracelets and being able to expand out to other hospitals.

We thank you for your support in helping others find a way to express their love, loss and sorrow and our hopes of bringing awareness to such losses so that no one has to feel ashamed to talk about such experiences.


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Visit our Resource & Events page for just a few local and national organizations who provide loss and grief services. We also list publications for the Fathers experiencing grief due to pregnancy, infant or child loss.